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Celebrating 30 Souper Years!

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Soup Fundraising

Since 1999, Frontier Soups soup fundraising program has helped many schools, churches and other non-profit organizations with their fundraising projects. The groups are interested in generating income by the sale of our gourmet soup mixes either at a specific event or function, or over a specific time period.

Frontier Soups is well known for its beautiful collection of gourmet, all natural dry soup mixes. Each soup mix contains the finest in dried ingredients and comes with directions for preparing hearty homemade soups. Easy-to-follow creative recipes represent the best of heartland cooking and will nourish and delight your customers.

Soup fundraising with Frontier Soups has proven to be very successful! It is profitable for the sponsoring organization and fun for everyone. Frontier Soups unique products make customers feel they are purchasing something substantial and delicious for themselves and their families.

We support your organizations with a simple, thorough sales plan and assistance in soup and product selections, sales tips, literature and samples. Please Contact Us for further information about our Soup Fundraising Sales Plans. We look forward to answering all your questions. Thank you.

A delighted soup fundraising customer wrote us to say:

“The inclusion of Frontier Soups in our Fall Sale added enormously to the success of the project. We were able to offer a great product at a great price and heartily endorse Frontier Soups as a partner in fundraising. The soups are delicious, the brochures proved informative and appealing. The ordering process couldn't be easier and the staff was wonderful, shipping our orders promptly. Selling Frontier Soups enabled us to meet our goal and helped to send the Westlake High School Band to march in the Rose Bowl Parade!”

-Lynn G., Fall Sale Coordinator, Austin TX

Please Contact Us for further information about the soup fundraising opportunities at Frontier Soups.