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Celebrating 30 Souper Years!

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Hearty Meal Soups

Our original line of soup mixes, the Hearty Meals are dried gourmet mixes that make a delicious and healthy homemade style soup. Each soup mix makes a pot of soup big enough to yield from six to twelve servings.

Homemade in Minutes Soups

Our Homemade in Minutes soup mixes are lighter and quicker to prepare than the Hearty Meals. Each soup provides four to five meal size servings in 30 to 45 minutes.

Cornbread Mixes

Cornbread is the perfect accompaniment to soup or chili and polenta as a side dish to meats.

Appetizer/Dip Mixes

Our gourmet dip mixes make snack time more delicious. Each dip mixes contains a special blend of spices and herbs and include recipes for a tasty dip or bread spread.

Pantry Products

Some of these favorites are the perfect choice as a secret ingredient for a Frontier Soups mix. Others complement soup-as-a-meal, or stand on their own as an inspiration for menu planning.


These specialy selected multi-packs provide a selection of our products at a discounted price.

Case Packs

Stock up and Save! Our 8-packs of your favorite soups provide a 20% savings!

Baker's Dozen

Choose any 13 products for $79.95! (At only $6.15 each it's a real savings!) Save up to $17.50 depending on your selections!

Gift Items

Gourmet soup gift baskets provide easy-to-prepare, healthy meal options for family and friends. And affordable! Gift selections start at just $12.95.